- We have 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering - Our machines are modern and user-friendly - We introduce rotomoulding technology to a customer from A-Z - Our machines are installed by our technicians - We provide full technical support - Contracts with us is simple and understa...

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ul. Rybnicka 23B 
44-266 Świerklany 

tel. +48 32 440 83 10
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e-mail: orex@orex.pl

We offer a wide range of rotomoulding machines used for moulding plastic materials, ranging from shuttle type machines to tailor-made machines for special purposes. Our machines are modern and durable. Due to the use of state-of-the-art technical solutions they are efficient and simple to operat...
We make steel molds used for manufacturing polyethylene products, such as all kinds of containers, separators, pumping stations and wells, as well as decorative, usable and farming elements. We are able to develop and carry out any project which can be made with the use of the rotomoulding techn...