The Mold Production Department brings together almost 20 employees with many specializations, mainly welders and locksmiths, but also tinsmiths and painters. Employees working in OREX ROTOMOULDING are constantly extending their competencies and skills by participating in periodically organized training courses.
We have been manufacturing moulds for 30 years.
Having our own design department lets us implement even the most complex projects. We produce many large steel moulds, the largest of which has the volume of 26,000 litres. CNC aluminium moulds are also produced in OREX.

The Mold Production Department is run by the team of experienced specialists trained mainly in welding and metal processing. These include people with both rich experience in our industry but also with passion to launch high quality moulds.

One of our strengths is that we have a 3 kV laser welding machine, which allows us to perform more complex welding operations and clean the steel coating, ensuring high precision and quality.

By using equipment components from well-known brands such as ESAB and LINCOLN, we are able to produce the highest quality rotomoulding moulds. OREX is also involved in the modification of existing moulds and their renovation.
The department also offers laser mould cleaning so that the material does not wear out as much as with sand polishing. In our Mold Production Department we are constantly looking for new solutions and technologies related to metal processing.