Rotomoulding Machinery

We offer a wide range of machines for rotational plastic molding (rotomoulding), from Shuttle-type machines to special machines that we create to customer’s specifications. Our machines are innovative and durable. Applying the most modern technical solutions makes the machines effective and simple in use.


Shuttle-type machines with the diameter of the heating chamber: 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm, 4000 mm, 4500 mm or 5000 mm for customers with individual production needs.


The production capacity of the Carousel Machine far exceeds that of other rotomoulding machines.

Rock and Roll

Rock&Roll machines have been designed in order to meet the demand for the production of oblong and narrow elements/final products, such as canoes or long tanks. Our company supplies machines with a platform or embedded at floor level.


The company’s offer includes comprehensive implementation of rotomoulding technology, project preparation, machine/mold fabrication, equipment assembly, personnel training and production start-up at the customer’s plant. OREX Rotomoulding has more than 25 years of experience in building rotomoulding machines. All of our equipment comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Our rotomoulding machines are constructed using brand-name components sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, which guarantees long and trouble-free operation.



Knowledge and innovative solutions

Trust your leader in rotomoulding technology. Our solutions and rich experience are the key to your success.


We create solutions tailored to your needs. Every customer is unique to us, and their satisfaction is our priority.


From an idea to the final product – we provide support at every stage. Complex advisory services and support guarantee safety to every customer.

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Thanks to our presence in international markets, we understand global challenges. Our experience is your success.

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