Rock and Roll

OREX Rotomoulding offers a wide range of state-of-the-art rotomoulding machines. Applying the most innovative technical solutions makes the machines effective and simple in use.

Rock&Roll machines have been designed in order to meet the demand for the production of oblong and narrow elements, such as canoes or long tanks. A movable oven with an inclination of up to 45˚, with a thermoregulation system, is a guarantee of producing products of the highest quality. The machine can be additionally equipped with four rotary stations along with two cooling areas, which significantly increases productivity. The triple thermoregulation system enables the mold to heat evenly and thus produce high-quality products, including canoes, boats and large tanks. We deliver our machines with a platform or set directly on the floor. In combination with an intuitive control system, the above mentioned properties make the Rock&Roll machines the best solution even for the most demanding customers.

Heating chamber dimension3500x2700x24002000×40002500×5000
Carriage (tower) movement [kW] 1,10,751,5
Large rotation [kW] 434
Small rotation [kW]2,21,52,2
Thermocirculator (hot air flow) [kW] 2,22x 1,53x 1,5
Thermocirculator capacity [m3 / s] 0,612x 0,93x 0,9
Cooling ventilators2x 41 306 m3/h4x 41 306 m3/h4×41 306 m3/h
Gas burner power [kW]4002×1603×160

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