Our offer includes a wide range of rotomoulding machines designed for molding various types of plastics.

Our rotomoulding machines are constructed using brand-name components sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, which guarantees long and trouble-free operation.

Shuttle-type machines are dedicated to customers with diverse production profiles, from medium to large sizes. The machines may be equipped with straight arms, U-arms or L-arms.

Each Shuttle machine is available in a hybrid version, i.e. with up to three power sources:




We provide the Shuttle-type machines with the following heating chambers:  2200 mm, 2600 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm, 4500 mm, 5000 mm or 5000mm, depending on the production requirements of our customers. 

Carriage (tower) movement [kW]0,751,11,11,52,23
Auxiliary (small) rotation on the arm [kW]1,52,22,22,247,5
Thermocirculator (hot air flow) [m3/s]0,6124,24,22×6,12×11
Cooling ventilators [m3/h]2×41 3062×41 3062×41 3064×41 3068×41 3068×41 306
Burner power [kW]4054056306302×6302×630
Load (max) of the straight arm80010001200150025003000
Heating chamber dimension [mm]220026003000350045005000
Main rotation (high) on the arm [kW]2,23335,57,5
Thermocirculator (hot air flow) [kW]2,2447,52×6,12×11
Cooling ventilators [kW]2×1,12×1,12×1,14×1,18×1,18×1,1
Injector (pathway/output)2/42/42/42/42/42/4
Weishaupt burner typeWM-G10/1-A ZMWM-G10/1-A ZMWM-G10/2-A ZMWM-G10/2-A ZMWM-G10/2-A ZMWM-G10/2-A ZM
Load (max) of the displaced U-arm80010001200150025003000

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