OREX ROTOMOULDING Sp. z o.o. has an innovative park of CNC machines for steel processing as well as specialized sheet metal shaping and cold bent profiles. Properly selected technology combined with many years of experience are a guarantee of high quality services both in customised as well as mass production.

Designing and milling of aluminum moulds. Our engineers can design the mold and also provide advice and support at every stage of the production process. The use of latest technologies and optimization of the processes guarantee the highest quality at competitive prices.

OREX ROTOMOULDING produces components in unit and serial quantities. We have a Haas three-axis milling machine with the following parameters:

Laser sheet metal cutting is currently one of the most effective ways to obtain the desired shapes. The laser machine is able to perform intricate cuts with extreme precision and accuracy. OREX ROTOMOULDING Sp. z o.o. has the fastest KIMLA fiber laser cutter on the market, which processes materials according to the following parameters:

We offer sheet metal bending on a CNC hydraulic press brake with a maximum pressure of 220 tons and a bending length of 3000 mm.  We have a well- equipped bending tools store, which allows us to meet the highest demands of our customers even with very short lead times.

Other services of professional steel processing: