CAROUSEL type machines have been equipped with the most modern drive systems SERVO Simotics by the Siemens company, allowing for safe and precise control of the mould movement and positioning. PLC Controller Siemens -Simatic S7-1500 provides the highest quality and accuracy of the process control. Together with a professionally made and continuously developed control program, the system allows any shape and control of the manufacturing process. This provides a wide range of production opportunities for manufacturers and technologists. 

The machine’s operator-friendly control interface, based on Siemens’ HMI touch panel, gives a sense of security and full control over the machine. The proper quality and energy efficiency of the heating process is ensured by low-emission, modulating dual-fuel burners. These are the latest generation of devices, manufactured by the company Weishaupt.

The safety of the machine operation is supervised by a safety system based on the Safety_Siemens driver and modules and by access gates equipped with Euchner electric locks. The safety of the machine, throughout its operation, is ensured by a set of equipment and safety devices equipped with modern active gas detection systems, flame detectors, interlocking locks, motion sensors and interlocks, and programmable safety systems. Combined with specially separated and secured work areas, properly trained and aware operating personnel, the machine provides a safe and modern workplace. 

In order to optimally and economically implement the technological process, Carousel machines have been equipped with power quality controllers and gas, power consumption and compressed air consumption meters. This provides the opportunity to control, analyze, and more efficiently create modern plastic products made with OREX’s state-of-the-art machinery.

Depending on the individual production requirements of our customers, we offer machines with the following dimensions of heating chambers:  2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm, 4000 mm, 4500 mm or 5000 mm.

Each Carousel machine is available in a hybrid version, i.e. with up to three power sources:




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