OREX ROTOMOULDING is an expert in the field of rotomoulding systems, specializing in the provision of rotomoulding machines and moulds. Thanks to the rich experience, continuously improved qualifications and high quality of provided services, OREX has quickly gained credit in Poland and on other foreign markets, i.e. in Germany, UK, Austria, France, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Australia.
A state-of-the-art and dynamic company having their plant within the territory of Poland.

Over 70 motivated and highly qualified specialists. Modern infrastructure with a production area of more than 9,000 m² (96 800 ft²) and ample space for further development.

The ever-increasing popularity of rotomolded products has determined the company’s main development directions. With the help of our specialists, implementing new technologies is not a challenge.

Orex Rotomoulding guarantees comprehensiveness, innovativeness, solutions tailored to your individual needs, the highest quality of materials, professional advisory services, mobility and quality according to European standards.

Years of

Decades of our hard work and dedication contributed to the establishment of innovative systems of rotomoulding. Expertise that ensures production reliability

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Members of our
team of specialists

We are very proud of our well-qualified team that strives for excellence, delivering high efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Machines for

Our company has launched many rotomoulding machines. And we don’t slow down – machines to be launched are under construction

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Steel and
aluminium moulds

Thanks to the most advanced CNC Machines Division and our dedicated engineers, we are ready and able to create every mould according to individual orders submitted by our customers.

OREX Rotomoulding offers: