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Rock and Roll

Rock and RollOrex Rotomoulding offer a wide range of modern rotomoulding devices. Due to the use of state-of-the-art technical solutions they are efficient and simple to operate. 

The Rock and Roll type machines are designed for manufacturing of long and narrow elements, such as kayaks. A movable furnace of up to 60˚ tilt, with a thermaflow system, is a guarantee of manufacturing products of the highest quality. The machine can be additionally equipped with four rotation stations along with two cooling areas, which significantly increases productivity. A dual thermaflow system enables even heating of the form and, as a result, manufacturing products of a high quality. Our company provide the machines with a platform or placed directly on the floor. The above-mentioned features combined with an intuitive control system, make our Rock and Roll devices the best choice.

URG-R-3500x2700x2400 URG-R2000/4000 URG-R2500/5000
Heating chamber dimension/ Wymiar komory grzewczej/ Abmessungen der Heizkammer/Размер нагревательной камеры/Dimensión de la cámara térmica 3500x2700x2400 2000x4000 2500x5000
Movement of the carriage/Ruch wózka/ Bewegung des Rollwagens/ Движение каретки / El movimiento del carro[kW] 1,1 0,75 1,5
Big rotation/ Duża rotacja/ Große Rotation/Высокая скорость вращения/Rotación grande[kW] 4 3 4
Small rotation/ Mała rotacja/ Kleine Rotation/ Низкая скорость вращения /Rotación pequeña[kW] 2,2 1,5 2,2
Convection/ Termoobieg/ Konvektion/Конвекция/Termo circulación [kW] 2,2 2x 1,5 3x 1,5
Efficiency convection / Wydajność termoobiegu/ Performance-Konvektion/Производительность конвекции/ Eficiencia de termo circulación [m3 / s] 0,61 2x 0,9 3x 0,9
Cooling fans/ Wentylatory chłodzące/ Kühlventilatoren/Охлаждающие вентиляторы/ Ventiladores de enfriamiento 2x 41 306 m3/h 4x 41 306 m3/h 4x41 306 m3/h
Gas burner power/ Moc palnika gazowego/ Power-Gasbrenner/Мощность газовой горелки/Potencia de quemador de gas [kW] 400 2x160 3x160

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